Full Day Fishing (8-10 hrs min)

$550.00 for an individual guide, or for two fisherman.

Each additional fisherman $60.00  

Limit 4 fisherman. Your party can fish until sundown if desired! as we want you to enjoy as much time in the backcountry as possible. Most other guide outfits in California wrap up their full day of guiding by 3 PM. We provide delicious pre-ordered custom lunches, snacks, beverages, gear, and waders/boots, flies and all the instruction. You will have an exciting opportunity to cast dry flies in the clear mountain streams, and / or nymph fish. These fish are aggressive and opportunistic and thus anticipate a lot of action. If we off-road in to a remote fishing spot (add $60.00 to cost), to cover vehicle wear and tear. Gratuities welcomed. 


No cost option during your guide trip! Learn about the insects trout are feeding on and become more prepared! Learn which flies to use to mimic natural insects, and when to use them. All clients receive insect samples they collect, preserved in solution in a small glass vial.

Offering May thru June, and again in September and early October local desert nocturnal ecological tours to observe up close unique reptiles and other wildlife including bobcats, owls, hawks, coyotes, foxes and many other surprises! Great for families or small groups to experience unique desert life that comes out only at night. These trips are a fun, exciting adventure few ever experience or even are aware of. Bring your cameras! All animals and reptiles will be observed only and not removed from their natural environment as prohibited by the Anza Borrego State Park. Stops available in beautiful Julian for a piece of their famous pie. These eco-trips start at twilight (when desert life begins to come out) and end around 11:30 p.m. We pick up and drop off your party. Inquire regarding price.

Southern California is blessed with spectacular waterfalls often quite close to large population centers. Where you find waterfalls you usually find enough water to sustain wild trout. So for the first time, when water is sufficient, we are offering special trips in which your party enjoys a half day fly fishing, followed by experiencing a wonderful waterfall up close. 

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