Hear from those that have been with us on a Southern California Fly Fishing Expedition.

Bear Creek and Critters

We LOVED our day fly fishing in some of the most exquisite creeks and rivers in Southern California. From our encounter with the Western patch nosed snake to the German Browns, the stunning descent to Bear Creek to dusk catching rainbows amidst wild flowers galore on the third stream of the day- it was fantastic!! David was so filled with joy- and I reveled in every moment too. THANK YOU!!! What a marvelous day!

DuVergne Gaines

Off-road and Well-guided

My experience with Mark and Southern California Fly-Fishing Expeditions was nothing short of spectacular. I have been fly fishing for 8+ years and taken guided fly fishing trips all over the U.S., Mark is exactly what you want in a guide. He is informative, polite, patient, engaging and all the while he coaches and guides with the care and precision of a surgeon. Moreover, you can tell Mark truly cares about the environment and streams he is sharing with you. It really is a collaborative learning experience. I highly recommend the off-road package, it is definitely worth it and a very cool experience if you don’t get to hit off-road trails often. Other than that just sit back and enjoy the ride, Mark is as good as it gets and he takes care of everything. Can’t wait for my next trip! Thanks Mark!

Pat Manion

Marriage Proposal

I proposed to my woman yesterday on a beautiful trout stream thanks to Mark! He was so helpful and accommodating during the planning and execution of the whole day. It really could not have gone any better. We also caught some amazing fish. I would recommend Mark to anybody looking for a great day in the outdoors.

Ty Williams

Teaching the Craft

My guy and I were fortunate to book a one day fly-fishing expedition with Mark for the Big Bear/Santa Ana River area to celebrate my birthday weekend. My guy has lots of fishing experience in lakes and oceans, but both of us were newbies to casting and fly-fishing. Mark is the PERFECT person to reach out to for people like us (beginners-with no gear) or for experienced fly-fishermen who need a guide to the BEST places to fish in the Western U.S. He provided all the gear and equipment necessary…waders, boots, rods, reels, flys, nymphs, LUNCH! and a bad-ass Land Rover for getting down to the best fishing holes (none of which I’ll share here…Mark turned me into a true fisherwoman and I’ll take these secrets to the grave;-) He was patient, kind, informative, kept his sense of humor when shaking my dry flies out of the trees and off of boulders, and has the true gift of being able to convey his love for fly-fishing, the trout, and the land and waters. PLUS, he can teach casting really, really well. I caught two beautiful brown trout, and I lost count of my guy’s catch of browns and, I think, two rainbows. He cheered when we caught fish, he corrected our form when we didn’t, and all throughout the day he showed us his integrity, and his care and devotion to this sport and to us, his clients. We were witness to his beautiful spirit for close to ten hours. He let us fish until we couldn’t fish anymore…then he accommodated my photographer boyfriend by standing by while he ventured off to take pictures of the surrounding area. We agreed that this was one of the most memorable experiences we’ve had in a long line of memorable experiences! That’s some high praise! I thank you, Mark, from the bottom of my heart.

Nancy B.


Mark, at dinner last night, the girls shared the things they enjoyed about our day with you. Thought you’d like to hear them. All of them really liked getting the real flies and other creatures from the river sand. That made a huge memory for them. Today they all took their vials to school to share. Rosalie really enjoyed catching the rainbow trout. Elyse liked the lesson on the grass. It made her feel confident. The snow was nice to see and play with. Elyse & Charlotte enjoyed the hike along the river edge with me. As a mom, I enjoyed the newfound family activity we now have. All of us now have “fish tale” stories to share. It was a great bonding moment. By you helping us, we were able to join Trevor in his most favorite pastime. Speaking of fish stories… Charlotte, the 7 year old, enjoyed fishing with her dad. She has such a good time poking fun at him about the little trout he got. I guess he made a big deal about getting one on the hook (which was great, since I wasn’t able to do that 🙂 ) but Charlotte found it to be funny that such a small fish popped up after all Trevor’s fanfare. And I enjoyed the peacefulness of learning how to fish, how to target the fly to the spots on the river where the fish congregate. And the babbling of the creek was very soothing. And Trevor, he just liked the whole day. He loves to fish, so to be able to do that, with his family, was a great experience. He liked being able to get away, hiking up the creek on his own, of course, catching both brown and rainbow trout, learning the in’s and out’s of fly fishing. Oh, and the rootbeer floats made it to the list of memories too 🙂 And little Charlotte loved her double cheeseburger. Thanks again!

Sherisse Hughes

One Professional to Another

“Being the owner of an outdoor based website like, I come across a lot of different people.  With the coverage of the website being so vast and changing, sometimes I find it difficult to remember who is who. I don’t have that problem with Mr. Mark Berlin the owner of “Southern California Fly Fishing Expeditions”.  Mark is simply one of the most professional, well spoken and gifted fly fishing instructors that I have ever had the pleasure to fish with. I was born and raised in Southern Missouri to a fly fishing, spin reel family who took the art of fishing very seriously.  So when someone I run into says they are a fly fishing guide, I sometimes like to take them up on that challenge.  I was not disappointed with Mark.  He found some fantastic water to fish and I was able to not only hook trophy wild trout, I was able to bring them to the net.  Mark simply knows how to teach people to catch fish, period! He has vast knowledge of so many streams and lakes that I find myself asking him for information when someone ask me! Now that’s confidence and knowledge in what your are doing. So the next time you are just crazy excited about getting up north along State Highway 395 for the trout season opener. Think of what awaits you here in Southern California where the fishing is year round. Give Mark Berlin a call, check out the newly redone website full of information, pictures, trips and lots of fish! Mark has put together this information for the client to read and discover what awaits them in their own backyard. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to fish with one of Southern California’s premier fly fishing guide services.

Jeff Walters

Owner of

Bucket List

Mark, a bucket list adventure. Thanks for the memories”. Good times!

Jack Grosz


Mark, thanks for getting us tuned up for our Sierra trip and teaching us a few tricks!

Paul and Nick Grayson

Bow and Arrow

Mark, Great time! Lots of fish! Nice bow and arrow thing. Tight lines until we fish again

Todd Graham

40 Fish!

Mark, wow, what a great surprise and set up! Thank you for a perfect day of So Cal Fly Fishing Expeditions. 35 to 40 fish landed for Roy, including 5 “brownies”, and a beautiful location. You have a well run outfit and we will be back. Tight lines

Andrea and Roy

Highly Recommended

Mark is great… really nice person, clear and straight-forward when communicating, creative, fun, and inspiring to be around when talking fishing and adventure. I highly recommend him and his team at Southern California Fly Fishing Expeditions. Thanks again, Mark!!

Dan Hansen

New Places

Mark took myself and some friends out on an exhilarating trip in a beautiful part of Southern California that I have never seen. Even thought the water levels were lower than ideal and most fisherman wouldn’t give it a chance, Mark had a glint in his eye the whole time. He knew exactly what we needed to do to catch fish. We hauled in around 10 fish each and luckily I caught the biggest fish of the day which was a 14” wild rainbow. I want to thank Mark for such a wonderful experience and he truly has a deep passion for the sport of angling!

William "Billy H.