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When you want a fly fishing guide for the Southern California mountains we aim to be your one-stop source. Southern California has terrific YEAR ROUND fly fishing for trout, yet few know about these resources and how to access and fish them. Our guides know these Southern California trout streams and alpine lakes better than anyone in the region, have the special off road vehicles to access them (when needed) and constantly stay on top of water levels to ensure the best conditions for great, fast paced fly fishing action for exclusively WILD brown and rainbow trout.  Few ever catch wild brown trout on a fly in Southern California. We can make this a reality and a special memory for you.  Whether your an out of state visitor to our region, or a resident, we have a multitude of waters accessible to you based on your goals and objectives for the trip. We are flexible with everything from easy creek access, parking, suiting up waders and casting right away, to hardcore backcountry fly fishing including 4 x 4 off roading, hiking and rock hopping along the creek to fish the ideal pools and runs teeming with trout. Our guides will ensure that you are fishing in waters that are uncrowded. Also, we have great drought resistant cool, oxygen rich waters to fish during those very dry years. WE DO HAVE THE UTMOST RESPECT FOR KEEPING THESE SPOTS PROTECTED FROM OVERUSE AND EXPLOITATION. ALL TROUT ARE CAREFULLY RELEASED, AS WE PRACTICE CLIPPING FLY BARBS DOWN.

All of our Southern California Fly Fishing Expedition Guides are licensed for the waters you book them for. Our guides are bonded and insured, and have at least 10 years experience guiding and educating. Your safety comes first with us in our sacred backcountry.





Mark Berlin – SENIOR GUIDE:

Mark Berlin, the owner of Southern California Fly Fishing Expeditions lives in San Diego, California. He has been fly fishing for over 25 years religiously in the Sierras, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and especially here in Southern California backcountry.  Over the years he has discovered many Southern California creeks and small streams, often very close to Los Angeles, San Diego and the other metropolis’s that have gorgeous, thriving wild rainbow and brown trout, some quite large. These spots are pristine, some just spectacular and remote with waterfalls and wildlife, a real treasure to fly fish.  He has many more on his hunting list. Mark guides his clients with a special modified Jeep Grande Cherokee that can get them to many spots others cant access. Many outdoor enthusiasts and even fly fishers are surprised to know that Mark can take his clients to a gorgeous setting to catch a multitude of wild trout on a dry fly less than forty five minutes from the downtown skyline of Los Angeles.






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