Guide Rates

FULL DAY FLY FISHING: (8-10 hours minimum) – $550.00 for an individual guide, or for two fisherman. Each additional fisherman $70.00  Limit 4 fisherman. Your party can fish until sundown if desired! as we want you to enjoy as much time in the backcountry as possible. Most other guide outfits in California wrap up their full day of guiding by 3 PM. Our service provides full round trip transportation, pick up for all backcountry fishing destinations and drop off back to your place of stay. In addition, we provide delicious pre-ordered custom lunches, snacks, beverages, gear, and waders/boots, flies and all the instruction. You will have an exciting opportunity to cast dry flies in the clear mountain streams, and / or nymph fish. These fish are aggressive and opportunistic and thus anticipate a lot of action. If we off-road in to a remote fishing spot (add $60.00 to cost), to cover vehicle wear and tear. Gratuities welcomed. 

30 MINUTE AQUATIC ENTOMOLOGY SEMINARS: free during your guide trip! Learn about the insects trout are feeding on and become more prepared! Learn which flies to use to mimic natural insects, and when to use them. All clients receive insect samples they collect, preserved in a small glass vial.