Guide Rates

FULL DAY FLY FISHING: (10 HOURS MINIMUM IN BACKCOUNTRY!) – $498.00 for an individual guide, or for two fisherman. Each additional fisherman $60.00  Limit 4 fisherman total. Our service provides full round trip transportation, pick up for all backcountry fishing destinations and drop off back to your home, hotel, or place of stay. In addition, we provide delicious pre-ordered custom lunches, snacks, beverages, gear, and waders/boots, flies and all the instruction. You will have an exciting opportunity to cast dry flies in the clear mountain pools and runs, and / or nymph and streamer fish. These fish are aggressive and opportunistic and thus anticipate a lot of action! If we off-road in to a remote fishing spot (add $60.00 to cost), to cover vehicle wear and tear. Gratuities welcomed. Your party can fish until sundown if desired! as we want you to enjoy as much time in this beautiful backcountry as possible. Most other guide outfits in California wrap up their full day of guiding by 3 PM.

FAMILY FLY FISHING OUTING: Always a wonderful Southern California family outdoor adventure! The scenery, wildlife, remoteness and solitude really provides for family intimacy and lots of fun! Every family member (up to 5) will learn to cast and then apply skills on the water in the attempt to catch a trout. In addition, hiking, wildlife sightings, streamside and waterfall play, dips in the stream, and 4 x 4 fun if desired. In addition, our guides can conduct on stream aquatic entomology seminars so everyone in the family can observe the aquatic insects that the trout feed on. The family participates in the stream seining collection of the insects. Each family member gets to leave with a vial with the insects they collected preserved and ready to be shown to friends/family. Kids love to show what they found to their class mates and teachers!

SPECIAL HALF & HALF FLY FISHING TRIP: Fly fish from a float tube at a beautiful crystal clear mountain lake for the first part of the day, followed by casting dry flies and nymphs to wild brown and rainbow trout in a stream just minutes away. Learn both lake techniques (fishing streamers and chironomids) and stream positioning, fly presentations. This is a new one of a kind trip I am so excited to now offer. Designed for up to 2 anglers. $550.00 includes float tube, waders, fins and all other gear. Wonderful provided lunch at lake then off to the river! This 50/50 trip runs from early Spring thru late Fall.

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30 MINUTE AQUATIC ENTOMOLOGY SEMINARS: free during your guide trip! Learn about the insects trout are feeding on and become more prepared! Learn which flies to use to mimic natural insects, and when to use them. All clients receive insect samples they collect, preserved in a small glass vial.